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Parallel Motion Fenders are bespoke systems that can be designed with a variety of rubber fender units, such as Cone Fenders, Cell Fenders, or Element Fenders. The system includes a turning lever arm (torsion arm) that is mounted between the back structure (concrete or steel) and the frontal steel panel. This arm restrains the panel movement during fender compression, allowing it to move only parallel to its mounting, regardless of the impact level and angle.

Because each project has unique vessel and berthing requirements, as well as site conditions, Parallel Motion Fender systems must be individually engineered for each project.

These systems are suggested where the reaction forces have to be as low as possible or the berthing angles are very high.


  • Equal energy absorption capacity at any berthing angle
  • Torsion resistant arm allows only parallel panel movements
  • Reaction forces could be substantially lower for back-to-back rubber unit configuration
  • Lower reaction forces lead to lower hull pressures and lighter substructure, which reduces the overall project cost


  • Oil & Gas Terminals
  • Load sensitive structures
  • Ferry & RoRo Terminals
  • Bulk Terminals
  • Monopiles

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Parallel Motion Fender

Parallel Motion technology can reduce reaction forces by up to 60% compared with traditional designs.

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