Polyethylene Hose Float

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Hitech polyethylene hose floats are used in laying pipes and cables in offshore or subsea operations. These floats provide the crucial buoyancy to keep the pipeline afloat till their determined position is achieved. Once the laying operation is complete the floats are detached mid-sea and the pipe is installed after which the floating floats are recovered and can be used in another application.

Very high-strength polyethylene is used to manufacture the floats and then filled with marine grade closed cell polyethylene foam. Hitech manufactures floats for various cable diameters and various depths.


  • Specially formulated polyethylene to withstand the harsh offshore and subsea environment
  • Marine grade polyethylene closed cell foam filled
  • Optimized shape for suiting any pipe diameter


  • Offshore pipe laying
  • Dredging
  • Offshore cable laying
  • Subsea Pipe Laying

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